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Step 10: Here is your drawing is ready. The drawing opposite is a design for an educational toy (for a young child) has been drawn with all the parts disassembled. To disable Web help from within SOLIDWORKS and use local help instead, click Help > Use SOLIDWORKS Web Help. Click here for information about technical support. Exploded View. To add explode lines to an exploded view, use an explode line sketch (a type of 3D sketch). Modify Displacement Set Path Style and Display Adjust line style, plus line weight, color and pattern. Route Line PropertyManager. In the graphics window, select the components you want to move. In this example, a route line is added between a pin and a hole in a shaft in an exploded view. Example - Adding a Route Line. Whether it is a vintage or a modern tractor you should be able to identify the part by make and application. Broken lines may be used to show environment and boundaries that form no part of the claimed design. An exploded view is only supplementary to a fully assembled view. Step 9: Here you will get exploded view. Modify Displacement Set Path Style and Display Adjust line style, plus line weight, color and pattern. After move the parts in assembly, we need to save the Exploded view in the name of TFR-TRI, View>Operation>Save as or Save TFR-TRI. Fitbit Flex Accessory Line (exploded view) for Fitbit and Brookstone by Elliot Cohen. Assign these offset lines to a layer in the assembly model in order to hide them easily. Create Displacement Set Paths Add a visual aid to a displaced model to track original model locations. See more. How to create an exploded view Step 1: Open up your Solidworks Assembly document 2. I created an exploded view and extension lines in the assembly model.  | Privacy Policy Select Base view>Model view >TFR-TRI> click ok to finish view set. You can save the modified explode state in the view manager Explode tab. Model 1901-FFG and 1901-SFFG Exploded View & Nomenclature. 2. From the assemblies tab: exploded view group -> auto-explode components. If there is no exploded view available, then you may attempt to choose your part from one of the common parts lists below in the drop down box. SD9 Exploded View Diagram.pdf. Terms of Use Reset a Displacement Set Creating Exploded Views (Multibody Parts), Exploding and Collapsing an Exploded View, Explode PropertyManager (Multibody Parts). To report problems encountered with the Web help interface and search, contact your local support representative. Model 1901 Exploded View & Nomenclature. Save your preferred orientation for the drawing view. Sep 15, 2020 - Explore zhang wei's board "Explode view" on Pinterest. An object is represented as if there had been a small controlled explosion emanating from … Transfer case - Four Wheel Drive - Dana (Spicer) 1966-1972 F100. You can create exploded views with the Explode Tool tab, accessible through the Model tab, the View tab and the View Manager dialog box. Click OK. This tool automatically adds explodes lines for each component within your exploded view. Vacuum Lines Connection . Step 4: Select components to drag the parts away 4. To add explode lines to an exploded view, use an explode line sketch (a type of 3D sketch). We have detected you are using a browser version older than Internet Explorer 7. Explosion completed now in drawing file (Modeling mode). ... 4x4, exploded view 4L60E schematic? All rights reserved. New to SOLIDWORKS 2018 is the Smart Explode Lines tool. Just like that, all of the explode lines are added to the exploded view. We’ll be working with this support frame below. To create an exploded view in NX: Activate the Assembly application in NX. It's the same at the radiator as it is on the transmission. Hi, Just wondering if there is a way to quickly crate an exploded view of a model (like you would get with Lego instructions etc.) For optimized display, we suggest upgrading your browser to Internet Explorer 7 or newer. Upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2018 today to use this brand new tool and save time with your exploded views! SKU: Free Flow Faucet Exploded View Weight: 0.00 LBS : Quantity: Share. Need to insert the view in drawing. How to use auto-explode components to edit an explosion? Fuel Line Connection. Sincerely,The SOLIDWORKS Documentation Team. Dread no more, SOLIDWORKS 2018 has you covered!

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